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Any time you go outside, the elements pose a risk to your eyes. You are in danger from several different risks when your eyes are unprotected. However, it's easy to protect your eyes with sunglasses. It's recommended to wear them anytime that you are outside during the day. If you are in the Tampa, Riverview, or Riverview areas, our eye doctor will help you select the perfect pair of sunglasses.


Protection from the Sun

The sun's rays can adversely affect your eyes. The rays of the sun contain UV radiation, and this is harmful to several structures of the eye. It can cause the front of the eye, or the cornea, to become painfully sunburned. It can also cause damage to the inside of the eye. UV rays can cause you to develop cataracts or macular degeneration. Each of these eye conditions is serious and can greatly affect your vision. Sunglasses are made with a special coating that allows them to block out all or most of the UV rays coming from the sun.

Other Dangerous Elements

It isn't just the sun that can harm the eyes, it's also the air itself. When the wind blows, it can be very drying to the eyes. If you ride a bike or run, you will get even more wind. The eyes have a natural tear film on the cornea, and this has to stay in place to keep your eyes lubricated. However, wind can cause that film to dry up much more quickly. This can lead to developing dry eyes which can be painful and irritating. 

When the wind blows into your eyes, you also run the risk of getting debris in them. Small particles regularly blow around in the wind, and the wind can drive those right to your eyes. This is a common cause of a scratched cornea. Sunglasses keep the wind out of your eyes so that you have less of a risk of both dry eye and a scratch on your cornea. 

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