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Myopia is a common vision condition, and many of the sufferers are children. Whether you need adult or pediatric eye care, you can visit our adult and pediatric eye doctor to test and treat your myopia. It's also important to have your myopia monitored each year if it is still progressing, so make sure you get your annual eye exam. In the Riverview, FL, and Tampa, FL, areas, call us to make an appointment with the optometrist. We at Optics Soho are here to help.



Myopia is also known as nearsightedness. It's a condition that can occur in many people and it often occurs in children. With myopia, the patient seeing far better up close than far away. When items are up close, they can look clear. When they are far away, they can look blurry. If you or your child are having a hard time seeing things that are far away, you are likely to have nearsightedness. If you notice your child squinting to see something far away, he may have myopia. When you have this condition, see an optometrist on our team to have your vision prescription diagnosed and to get a vision correction method. Glasses and contacts are generally enough to correct vision. Some people can get Lasik surgery to correct their myopia. 

What Causes Myopia?

This condition is caused by having an eyeball that isn't quite correctly shaped. This makes the eye focus the light that comes into it incorrectly. Myopia can also be caused by having too much curve of the cornea so that the light is focused incorrectly inside the eye. The light that comes in ends up being focused incorrectly. This causes the blurry effect of anything far away. For people who don't like wearing glasses or contacts, getting surgery to correct this problem may be an option for them. 

Myopia Symptoms

If you do have myopia, you can have a number of symptoms. You might get a lot of headaches, or you could feel eye fatigue or feel that your eyes are strained. When you have myopia, it makes your eyes work harder to see items, and this can cause these symptoms. A lot of squinting is another symptom. In children, you may see squinting as well as eye rubbing. When children have this condition, it typically progresses. By the time a person is an adult, their prescription will typically be more stable. If you or your child have the symptoms of myopia, see an optometrist about the problem. Myopia control is an option for many kids with myopia. 

See an Optometrist Our Team for Eye Care

Whether you need myopia control or other adult or pediatric eye care, get help from a pediatric eye doctor. Call our office for an appointment if you are in the (813) 643-7300 Riverview, FL, or (813) 254-2020 Tampa, FL, areas. We at Optics Soho are here to help. 

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