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Family Eye Care FAQ

No matter who you are, you may need to get eye care. A good way to take care of your entire family in a safe and convenient way is by working with a family eye care center. At Optics Soho in Tampa, FL, and Riverview, FL, our team is here to provide care to family members of all ages. Here are some frequently asked questions about family eye care.

Family Eye Care FAQ

What Is Family Eye Care?

Family eye care is care that covers the entire family in one location. That way, you don’t have to make appointments with multiple eye doctors or change offices as your child grows up. Instead, you can stay at a center that knows your family and your needs personally.

What Kinds of Services Are Included in Family Eye Care?

Since family care covers children and adults, it includes many services. Pediatric eye exams can follow your child’s development, managing any problems that might come up as they grow. These tests check for issues like myopia or astigmatism. If you or your child are diagnosed with an issue that requires vision correction, our family eye care center can also provide the glasses and contact lenses you might need. You can get your prescription from your optometrist and purchase your vision correction tools in the same place. 

Our family eye care center can also help you treat and manage more serious issues. Glaucoma is a common disease in which the fluid in your eye drains improperly. This causes the pressure to build up within the eye, potentially damaging the optic nerve. If you have an eye injury, you’ll also get it treated in a family eye care center.

LASIK consultation and co-management is another offering in family eye care. This is a medical procedure where an eye doctor on our team provides an evaluation for LASIK and can help with post-operative care. Since co-management is in the same practice, you’ll be working with the same doctors throughout your treatment that you would normally go to. Our team can also provide recommendations about which ophthalmologists to visit for LASIK surgery.

How Can Family Eye Care Help My Children?

Children may develop refractive errors or other eye problems when they are younger. Myopia control can be essential in preventing myopia in your child from progressing as they get older. Family eye care can help with that.

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Family eye care is a great option for people who need to manage the specific needs of children and adults. It allows you to stay with the same practice for years, getting personalized care from an optometrist you trust. If you’re looking for a new eye care provider in (813) 254-2020 Tampa, FL, and (813) 643-7300 Riverview, FL, come to Optics Soho for all your family’s needs. Call our office to schedule an appointment.


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