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Conditions Treated

When you have an eye condition such as myopia, astigmatism, or dry eye, it's important to see the optometrist regularly. It's also important to see the optometrist every year because you are given screenings for these and other eye conditions, some of which may require treatment. If you need an eye appointment in Riverview FL, or Tampa, FL, the eye care professionals at Optics Soho are ready to assist you.  

Nearsightedness, Farsightedness

Many patients choose to wear contact lenses to correct their vision when they have either nearsightedness or farsightedness. We can give you a contact lens exam, prescribe your lenses, and have a contact fitting to make sure that they fit perfectly. We also offer myopia control to nearsighted kids. Whether kids need atropine drops or ortho-k contacts, we can help them to slow down the progression of their myopia. 


Having astigmatism can complicate your vision as well as your vision correction method. We can help astigmatism patients with toric contact lenses. Astigmatism requires careful monitoring, so be sure to get your eye exam every year.

Dry Eye and Computer Vision

Both computer vision and dry eye are increasingly common. These conditions can have similar causes, including sitting in front of a computer for a long period each day. When eyes get dry and irritated, there are ways that you can help with your condition to relieve your symptoms. See our optometrist to learn more about what to do for more comfortable eyes. 

Eye Infections and Irritation

If there's something wrong with your eyes, it can be highly frustrating and can make participating in your favorite activities difficult. If you have an eye infection, you may need antibiotics to combat the infection. If your eyes are irritated, the optometrist can get to the bottom of the problem and help you to feel better. 


If you have glaucoma, you have an eye disease that can be very serious. It can cause a lot of vision loss, and it needs to be detected early to be treated as quickly as possible. Your annual eye exam will test you for glaucoma so that it can be caught right away. 

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