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Pink Eye

The Facts About Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis in the medical field, is a condition characterized by inflamed or infected eye membranes. When the tiny blood vessels in the eyes become inflamed, they become more visible and often uncomfortable. These inflamed blood vessels typically appear as wavy reddish lines and blotches across the white parts of the eye. At Optics Soho in Tampa and Riverview, our optometrists can help alleviate the discomfort of pink eye symptoms. 


If you have ever had pink eye, you know the condition can be pretty irritating and test the patience of even the most good-natured person. The good news is that this eye condition rarely impacts one's vision in any permanent way. However, pink eye can be contagious, so an early diagnosis and prevention routine is critical to prevent the further spread of the disease.

What Causes Pink Eye?

Most cases of pink eye are caused by either a bacterial or viral infection, although there are specific allergic reactions that resemble the symptoms of pink eye. When a baby's tear ducts fail to open fully, conjunctivitis can result.

The Symptoms of Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

While each patient's symptoms may vary, it is important for anyone who thinks they have pink eye or related symptoms to seek the medical guidance of an optometrist. If the symptoms noted below appear or persist – in one or both eyes, seek help:

  • Redness/pink colors throughout what is usually the white part of your eyes.
  • Itchiness in and around the eyes.
  • A grittiness in one's eyes.
  • A discharge that may harden while sleeping - overnight. It often makes it difficult to open your eyes when awakening in the morning.
  • Unusual amounts of tears are coming from one or both of your eyes.

Information for Contact Lens Wearers

If you wear contacts and suspect you may have or have been exposed to pink eye, it is essential to stop wearing the lenses as soon as any symptom noted above appears. If the pink eye symptoms persist even after you have ceased wearing contact lenses, it is important to speak with an optometrist to make sure the symptoms are not related to an infection, rather than simply causing irritation from wearing contact lenses.

Visit Our Optometrists for Relief from Pink Eye

Are you ready to relieve pink eye symptoms? Optics Soho in Tampa and Riverview is here to help. Give our team of optometrists a call at (813) 643-7300 or (813) 254-2020. Note that pink eye is potentially highly contagious, so seeking medical help as soon as possible is vital.

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