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If your chosen vision correction method is eyeglasses, you may know how well they work and how great they look. What you may not know is the many ways that glasses can change the way your face appears.

It can be hard to pick out just the right eyeglasses frames, but there are a few ways that you can choose more easily, and your eye doctor is here to help. If you live in the Tampa, Riverview, or Riverview, FL, areas, call one of Optics Soho’s convenient locations to make an appointment for eye care with an optometrist. In the meantime, read on to learn more about finding the right glasses for you.


Balance Your Features

One of the ways to choose a great pair of eyeglasses is to look at them as a way to balance out the features of your face. If you have a wide forehead, for instance, choose a narrower pair of frames to make the forehead look smaller. If you have a large jaw, wider frames can help to balance it and make your jaw look thinner. Study your own features to find out what could use some balance on your face. 

Choose a Color

When you look at all of the glasses frames available, you will see an array of colors in every hue. The color of the frames you pick is only important as it relates to the color of your face and hair. Hold up different colors to both your hair and your face to see how well the color goes with both. If the color doesn’t work well with the frames, it will make them stand out awkwardly. A color that complements your hair and skin will look far more harmonious with your overall look. Be sure to try many colors to find one that best goes with your hair and face coloring. 

Work with Your Face Shape

Your face’s shape is also highly important when you pick out a pair of glasses. The shape of your face may be a circle, triangle, heart, square, etc. Your job is to find a shape that makes your face look more oval. If your face is overly square or rectangular, a curved pair of frames can add some curve to the look of the face so that it looks more like an oval. Try on a few shapes to see how they make your face look and whether they go well with your face’s shape. 

See the Eye Doctor

Before you can pick out your frames, you need a new eyeglasses prescription. To get the eye care you need in the Tampa, Riverview, or Riverview, FL, areas, call Optics Soho to make your appointment for a full eye exam. You can reach our optometrist offices by calling (813) 643-7300 (Riverview) or (813) 254-2020 (Tampa).

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