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Eyeglasses offer a convenient way to correct your vision, whether you have trouble seeing up close, far away, or at any distance. The perfect eyewear can also complement your style and enhance your appearance. Our optometry team at Optics Soho in Tampa and Riverview, FL, offers different types of eyeglasses in various frames, styles, and colors. We can ensure you get the best eyewear for your visual needs and lifestyle.


Designer Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can be stylish and significantly improve your fashion and appearance when you choose designer frames. We offer designer eyeglasses in several styles, colors, and shapes to suit your preferences and lifestyle. You can look forward to better vision while looking your best with the right pair of designer eyeglasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Exposure to computer screens and blue light from other digital devices can lead to eye strain, making work or daily tasks more challenging. Too much blue light can also impact your ability to sleep at night. Our optometry team carries blue light blocking glasses to help prevent eye strain and ease discomfort from screen exposure.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are eyeglasses that help correct your vision at different distances. Wearing progressive lenses means you will not need to switch between your regular prescription lenses and reading glasses. You can look through the top section of the lens to see objects further away, the middle part to improve your intermediate vision, and the bottom section to see closer things. 

Reading Glasses

In some cases, people need eyeglasses to help with reading. These reading glasses correct vision up close so you can read books and other texts properly. Depending on your vision, you might only need to wear glasses when reading. We have several kinds of reading glasses available to help keep your vision clear while reading.

Choosing the Right Eyewear

We can help you select the correct type of eyewear based on eye and vision evaluations. Our team can also help you choose the ideal shape, size, and color of eyeglass frames to suit your face. Regular eye exams also allow us to update your prescription as your vision changes as you age. We can then change your eyeglasses as necessary and find new eyewear that better suits your evolving visual needs.

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Eyeglasses offer you a way to correct your vision while looking stylish in the process, so contact Optics Soho in Tampa and Riverview, FL, to get eyewear that improves your vision and your fashion. We have glasses for all your vision correction needs, so call us and schedule an appointment at our Tampa office at (813) 254-2020 or the Riverview office at (813) 643-7300.

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