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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses at Optics Soho

At Optics Soho, we are dedicated to providing a one-stop eye care place for patients in Tampa, Riverview, Riverview, and surrounding areas. That's why we are happy to provide contact lens exams for those looking for an alternative to wearing glasses. After a comprehensive eye exam assessing your medical history, vision clarity and focus, and overall eye health, our optometrists can determine the best fit and type of contact lenses for your vision and lifestyle. 


How Contact Lens Exams Are Different

Your eyeglass prescription won't be the same as your contact lens prescription. Contact lenses sit right on your cornea, while an eyeglass lens sits about an inch away. This difference means that the two prescriptions will be different. During your contact lens exam, our eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine your prescription and to make sure that you don't have a condition that prevents you from wearing conventional soft contacts. If you do, we offer other types of specialty lenses that may be right for you.

Types of Contacts

Soft contacts are the most common type of lenses we provide. They are light and flexible. We offer soft contact lenses that are only used once or extended wear lenses that are replaced every week or two.

Rigid gas permeable lenses are made from a thicker material than soft lenses that sit on top of the pupil. Rigid gas permeable lenses are beneficial for patients who have astigmatism or suffer from dry eye syndrome.

Bifocals are lenses with two prescriptions in them. The top part of the bifocal helps correct myopia, while the bottom part of the lens corrects hyperopia. We also offer multifocal lenses for patients with presbyopia and other refractive errors.

Orthokeratology lenses are worn at night for myopia control. They work to correct myopia while asleep so you can see clearly during the day.

Lenses Are Provided to Try On

If you have never worn contact lenses before, you will be provided with instructions regarding eye care and cleaning of the lenses. This prevents your contact lenses from causing eye-related issues. One of our team members will also instruct you on how to properly insert and remove the contact lenses. After the contacts are inserted, our optometrist will check that they fit your eyes correctly. If possible, we will give you a trial set of lenses at the end of your appointment.

Contact Us for Quality Eye Care from Our Optometrists in Tampa or Riverview

Whether you're considering contact lenses for the first time or need an updated pair, our professional staff is ready to help. Our optometrist will fit you with contacts that are comfortable and correct your vision. Contact us at Optics Soho to learn more about contact lenses and the wide range of eye care services we offer. You can call our Riverview location at (813) 643-7300 or our Tampa office at (813) 254-2020 to schedule your next eye exam. 

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