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Dry Eye Symptoms

Your eyes may occasionally become dry while spending prolonged periods staring at your phone or computer screen. However, for some people, this feeling is chronic and part of a condition known as dry eye syndrome. It is more prevalent as you age and can make it virtually impossible to wear contacts for some. At Optics Soho serving Tampa, Riverview, Riverview, and the nearby areas, our optometrists can help. Let’s look at some of the symptoms of dry eye and what can be done to treat this condition.


Eye Redness

Visibly, your eyes may appear red when you have dry eye. This occurs due to the conjunctiva, which is the clear tissue covering the white part of your eye, becoming inflamed or irritated.

Stringy Mucus

Your eye doctor will ask if you have issues with stringy mucus forming in your eyes. This happens when there isn't enough lubrication in your eye film's composition. This film protects your eye and consists of mucus, oil, and water. When you have a poor ratio of these components, particularly not enough water, your eye film becomes more mucusy.

Scratchiness, Burning, or Stinging

Because your eyes aren't properly hydrated, they might become painful. Usually, it will feel like a burning, stinging, or scratchy sensation.

Watery Eyes

Our eye care professionals may ask if your eyes are frequently watery. Your eyes will compensate for the inadequate lubrication by producing excessive tears to hydrate them. However, since they aren't the proper composition, your eyes will still feel dry even after they are producing excessive tears.

Difficulty Wearing Contacts

When a person has dry eye, it is often uncomfortable for that person to wear contacts comfortably. They might notice that their eyes feel sore and look more red. If you have dry eyes and would like to wear contacts, there are options. Lenses that have more hydration can be comfortable. It is vital to tell your eye doctor if you cannot wear contacts but would like to.

Eye Fatigue or Blurred Vision

Eye fatigue occurs when your eyes get tired. They will become sore and irritated. This tends to occur when people perform tasks that require them to focus on something up close for prolonged periods, especially at a computer screen. If you have dry eye, you are more prone to eye fatigue. You might even notice that your vision blurs.

Get Treatment for Dry Eye at Optics Soho

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