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Routine eye care is key to enjoying quality vision. Working with a reputable optometrist will ensure you maintain optimal sight at every stage of your life. If you live in Tampa, Riverview, Riverview, or surrounding communities, contact our team at Optics Soho for the professional eye care and treatment you need. We take great pride in meeting the eye care needs of you and your family. We invite you to visit our facility, meet our team, and join our ever-expanding Optics Soho family.

Who We Are

Founded in 1997, Optics Soho has been serving families in Tampa, Riverview, and Riverview for over 20 years. Dr. William Billig, Dr. Dahlberg, Dr. Erin Cooper, and our dedicated optometry team are firmly committed to meeting your vision care needs. We combine quality, professional services with a personal approach to help you feel comfortable and confident in our care.  By accepting most vision insurance plans and offering financing options for costly products or procedures, we make it easier for you to obtain the vision services you need.

Benefits of Our Eye Exams

At Optics Soho, our services range from comprehensive eye exams to providing eye disease assessments and treatments. Our eye exams include visual acuity tests, eye focus and movement skills assessment, and testing for eye diseases. Through eye health testing, our Tampa optometrists can discover early warning signs of eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, or cataracts, which can end up robbing you of quality vision. By treating these conditions in their early stages, we can help preserve your vision. If we uncover problems with your vision or eye health, we'll prescribe corrective lenses or other treatment options to improve your sight.

Types of Vision Correction We Offer

We carry the latest designs of eyeglass frames and high-tech lenses to suit your eye care and aesthetic needs. Our Tampa optometry team will help you select the appropriate eyewear for you, considering your prescription, budget, and overall lifestyle. If contacts are more your style, Optics Soho has just what you need. We stock a wide variety of contact lenses ranging from rigid gas-permeable to daily soft contacts and more. If you opt for LASIK surgery as an alternative to wearing glasses or contacts to correct refractive errors, our eye doctors can provide you pre and post-op care for this procedure.

Eye Exam

At Optics Soho, we're dedicated to ensuring you have access to quality eye care you can rely on. If you want to protect or improve your eye health and vision, we're here to help and ensure you receive quality optometry care for years to come. There's no reason to settle for poor vision or worry about your eye health when you have caring and compassionate professionals here to help. Contact our Tampa location at (813) 254-2020 or our Riverview/Riverview office at (813) 643-7300 today.

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