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Eye Infections FAQ

>Human eyes are prone to bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. They may also react abnormally if exposed to dust and other irritants. The common symptoms of eye infections include redness, blurred vision, and swollen eyes. The other symptoms of eye infections may include abnormal discharge, increased sensitivity, and foreign body sensation.

Although some infections might go away independently, others might be more severe, putting you at risk of blurred vision or total vision loss. That’s why our optometrists at Optics Soho recommend you undergo routine eye checkups to prevent or treat eye infections before they worsen. Our guide will answer some common questions people have asked our optometrists about eye infections and how we can help with the problem.

Eye Infections FAQ

How Can I Tell I Have an Eye Infection?

You can tell that you have an eye infection if you experience symptoms like swollen eyes, painful eyes, red eyes, abnormal eye discharge, light sensitivity, blurred vision, irritated eyes, tender eyelids, and burning sensation, among others.

What Are the Most Serious Eye Infections?

A serious eye infection can rob you of quality eyesight or lead to total blindness. Examples of these infections include glaucoma, macular degeneration, and Endophthalmitis. Since you may not identify an eye infection from a mere symptom, it is advisable to seek medical attention from an optometrist as soon as you detect the signs.

If you live in Tampa, Riverview, or the surrounding areas, contact our eye care professionals at Optics Soho to get a comprehensive eye examination and treatment. Our team will carry out eye exams like visual acuity tests, eye movement skills assessments, eye focus assessments, and disease testing to identify the culprits for treatment.

How Do I Know If an Eye Infection Is Serious?

You can tell you have a serious eye infection if you are experiencing intense pain, blurred vision, bloody or colored discharge, and irritation. In addition, you can conclude that your eye has a serious infection if minor infections like conjunctivitis, blepharitis, stye, and any other symptoms don’t improve with home care.

What Should I Do If an Eye Infection Impairs My Vision?

Report the condition to your optometrist immediately, we may prescribe some medication or change your current medication depending on the severity of your condition. Our optometry experts will help you get the most appropriate treatment to aid your vision.

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